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Team Workshops


Welcome to our innovative Team Builder Programs designed to foster collaboration, communication, and community impact. Our "Feed n' Lead" initiative goes beyond traditional team building by partnering with the local food bank, offering a unique experience that not only strengthens team dynamics but also gives back to the community. With a capacity for up to 50 participants, teams engage in collaborative activities that directly contribute to addressing local food insecurity. Meanwhile, our "Memorial Park Team Building Experience" takes 25 participants through an outdoor adventure designed to enhance team culture dynamics and communication. Engaging in sustainability projects throughout the park, participants creatively strengthen their bonds while making a positive impact on the environment. Experience transformative team building through our overnight retreats, set amidst the natural beauty of YMCA camps, fostering camaraderie and growth.


Takeaways include:

  • Community impact: Contribute to local initiatives through our Feed n' Lead program with the local food bank.

  • Scalability: Accommodating up to 50 participants, our programs are adaptable to various team sizes.

  • Outdoor engagement: The Memorial Park Team Builder & YMCA Overnight Retreat options offers a refreshing outdoor experience to enhance creativity and teamwork.

  • Improved communication: Participants gain valuable communication skills through hands-on experiences that transcend traditional team-building approaches.

Take a look at the team building workshop with the Houston



Our Partners

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Feed n' Lead with the Houston Food Bank

Uniquely blends team building with community impact as participants collaborate in activities with the local food bank, fostering teamwork while contributing to the fight against food insecurity in the Houston community.

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Team Builder at Memorial Park

Offers a dynamic outdoor team-building experience amidst the scenic Memorial Park, where 25 participants engage in sustainability projects, fostering team culture dynamics and communication skills within a refreshing and natural setting.

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Overnight Retreats at the YMCA

Experience Team Building Like Never Before with Our Overnight Retreats in Partnership with the YMCA

Elevate team synergy and foster deep connections with our overnight retreats in partnership with the YMCA. Escape the ordinary and embark on a transformative journey of adventure, bonding, and growth.

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