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DEI Corporate Consultation

Comprehensive Consultations to address diversity challenges & foster inclusive workplace culture.

Service Description

Dive into a transformative Corporate DEI Consultation session with Tony, an award-winning catalyst for change, where in just 15 minutes, we'll explore your company's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape, identifying key challenges and opportunities for growth. During this brief yet impactful session, we'll discuss potential customized packages tailored to your company's needs, which may include DEI coaching for individuals and groups, comprehensive company assessments to promote equity and inclusion, survey design to gather valuable insights, and more. Drawing from Tony's expertise in fostering DEI leadership building skills, our collaborative approach will empower your organization to create a more inclusive workplace culture and drive meaningful change. Schedule your consultation now to take the first step towards building a more equitable and diverse future for your company.

Cancellation Policy

By scheduling a session, you understand you must sign a Coaching Agreement to continue. Failure to sign a coaching agreement will result in meeting cancellation.

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